The tagline on my page is MMMMMM — Musings, Meandering, Mentally, Mindless and Meaningful Messages.

Ever felt like this?

Why? is a place to connect with me in a business relationship. This page is my personal web site that I am using as a prototype for helping others copy what I have done.

Would you like to participate in some way? Contact me at or by phone at 916.893.6226

I can offer you a role of editor, author, contributor or even, administrator. You must agree to the 6M principle!! Any articles must be focused on at least 1-2 of the M’s.

This is a volunteer proposition at this time.

Website performance tools

Another tool that I like is called Nperf.  Here is a link to it —

There are apps for iOS and Android as well as access by browser. Check it out – they are really helpful!!