God With Us … Brings Peace

My personal reflections on last Sunday’s message at PGCC Roseville CA.

The beginning of the message included the following Scripture passages:

Micah 5:1-5 NIV and Luke 1:67-79 NIV


Sometimes we feel like this —

I’ve just got to get control of my life!!

A book related to this is:

The Lord of Loose Ends

In John 15:5 NIV — Jesus tells us to remain in Him because “apart from me you can do nothing.”

Also, in Colossians 1:27 ESV, Paul says that “Christ in you, the hope of glory.”

So my response is that if I remain in Him I can do anything for Him and I will have the hope of glory now and forever.

Some questions were posed at this point in the message:

Have you ever yielded control of your life to Christ? I accepted Christ when I was 9 years old. Did I yield control then? No. I will say that I have yielded my life sometimes but usually have taken the control back.

Have you surrendered your life to Christ? At times this has been true for me but more often it is not true.

When did you surrender your life to Christ? I do not believe I have ever really surrendered my life to Christ. 


I am guilty of constricting Christ in my life. Colossians 1:15-17,19 NIV The sentence that hits me from these verses is — in Christ all things hold together. Even when I feel I am on the throne in my life, Christ is still holding me together.


The Rule of Peace — Let the peace of Christ rule…

Colossians 3:15 NIV

The Calling of Peace — Let the message of Christ dwell, … teach and admonish others and sing … with gratitude!!

Colossians 3:16 NIV

The Expression of Peace — Whatever I do, I need to do it ALL in the name of my Lord and Saviour—Jesus Christ!!

Colossians 3:17 NIV

At this point in the message, I am so very blessed and convicted of my need to relinquish CONTROL so I can experience PEACE!! I must stay in Christ daily touching my heart with His Word and allowing Christ to rule in my life!!

If We Could See…..

I hope these words bring truth to my friends as we end one year and look ahead to 2020!

George Beverly Shea


If we could see beyond today as God can see,
If all the clouds should roll away, the shadows flee,
O’er present griefs we would not fret,
Each sorrow we would soon forget,
For many joys are waiting yet
For you and me.

If we could know beyond today as God doth know
Why dearest treasures pass away and tears must flow
And why the darkness leads to light
Why dreary paths will soon grow bright
Some day life’s wrongs will be made right
Faith tells us so.

If we could see, if we could know, we often say
But God in love a veil doth throw across our way.
We cannot see what lies before
And so we cling to him the more
He leads us ’til this life is o’er
Trust and obey, yes trust and obey.

Yep – like Joseph responded to God’s call on his life – he trusted and he obeyed!

I found this in my feed this morning from my brother, Ken!! I had to share it with you!!!!!

What a great devotional for today!!

Here are a couple of my thoughts from this reading plan:

Do I live intentionally?

Do I make daily connections with fellow faith travelers to strengthen my mind and soul as I live and learn to be more Christlike?

How can I experience The Whole Church in my local fellowship?

Check this out if you would like answers to these questions!!!!!

This is the prayer for this devotional:


Access to church service events through an app!!


The link above should give you an idea of what the title of this article is all about. I decided to try this feature out to see what churches in my neighborhood were participating.

There were over a dozen events that I could access through my You Version Bible app on my iPhone. The churches that are participating are all in a category I would call “seeker” churches.

That doesn’t mean that churches who do not use this app to promote their events are less active in their efforts to meet the needs of “Roseville Rich” or “Rocklin Ruth”. I think it means the church isn’t focused on using technologies to assist them in reaching their neighbors.

If a church doesn’t provide links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr or Google+ on their web site, does that church have an ability to reach out to those users of these social media platforms? No, I don’t think so!!

So, I wonder how effective can a church be without this presence on the internet? Will “Roseville Rich” or “Rocklin Ruth” just decide to show up at a service and not have any idea what they are about to experience at that service? Most likely, they will research the church on the internet to see what people have said about that church and what activities are being posted about. Are days of asking a person to go to church with them over? Is “word of mouth” still happening?

I know when I moved into the area I now live in, the church that I visited initially had an event that I did not attend but it made me aware of them by an advertisement in a local newspaper. So we took a chance and tried it out a few weeks later. When we arrived, we were warmly greeted and were pleasantly surprised by the music program of the church. It was our church from that moment to today.

A church needs to draw people in order to grow. How should they bring the visitors in the door? By any means possible that doesn’t cost a fortune!!

I could go on and on but I won’t. Comments are encouraged!!

Thanks for reading!!!

Beautiful before dawn walk with Chewie

When you have a quiet place, God will speak to you and guide your steps for your day. I have been learning that God wants to be in a love relationship with me. What a glorious thought!! Can I reciprocate with my love? Yes, in the Word He tells me that if I am faithful and just He will cleanse me of all of my unrighteousness!

My study of “Experiencing God” has refreshed my walk with Him. This study has made me realize that God is always at work around us. He wants us to join Him in that work!!

Deuteronomy 6:4-9 instructs us to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul and strength. Will you join me in prayer for this word from Him to be real in my life today?

God bless you and yours today!!